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Here is the complete study material of net jrf 2020. Candidate can do preparation according to syllabus

The Making of Indian Constitution

THE MEANING OF CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT There are broadly two kinds of Constitution in the democratic world:   The Constitutions that have grown gradually over decades and...

Indian Legislature

Introduction Primarily, there are two models of legislative structure: The Parliamentary- the executive is selected by the legislature from among its own members. Therefore, the...

Basic Features of Indian Constitution

The precursor to the Indian Constitution was the Government of India Act of 1935. Some of the features of the 1935 Act, with modifications...

UGC NET Paper-1: Verbal Communication

Verbal communication is the sharing of information using words. It is what most people use as a method of communication. We will learn about...

UGC NET Paper-1: Non-Verbal Communication

Non-verbal communication is the message we send to others without using any words. We send signals and messages to others through expressions, gestures and...

UGC NET Paper-1: Introduction to Communication

The word ‘Communication’ comes from the Latin word commūnicāre, meaning ‘to share’. Communication is the ‘sharing’ of information between two or more individuals or...

UGC NET Paper-1: Elements of Communication

Elements of Communication Communication is a two-way exchange of information that is- Giving and receiving. Speaking and writing to someone, are examples of giving information....

UGC NET Paper-1 : Types of Memory

Let us take the example of a kitchen to understand the meaning of RAM and ROM. If you are a cook, what would you...

UGC NET Paper-1 : ICT Important Definitions

Important Definitions Motherboard  Motherboard, also referred to as a system board, is the main circuit board inside a computer. It connects input, processing and output devices....

Parts of a computer

A computer system is a programmable machine designed to store and retrieve information and perform arithmetic and logical operations to produce meaningful results in...




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UGC NET Yoga Syllabus

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