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Types of Research Designs

Broadly, types of research can be looked at from three different perspectives Applications of the findings of the research study Objectives of...

UGC NET Paper-1: The Role of Statistics in Research

Statistics have a very significant role in deriving inferences and reaching conclusions, in a research. It is primarily used when you have collected the...

UGC NET Paper-1: The Research Process

Before embarking on the details of research methodology and techniques, it seems appropriate to present a brief overview of the research process. Research process...

UGC NET Paper-1: Positivism and Post-positivism

Research Aptitude A Positive approach to research is based on acceptance as fact that the world around us is real, and that we can find...

UGC NET Paper-1: Objectives of Research

Research Aptitude The purpose of research is to discover answers to questions through the application of scientific procedures. The main aim of research is to...

UGC NET Paper-1: Importance of Literature Review

One of the essential preliminary tasks when you undertake a research study is to go through the existing literature in order to acquaint yourself...

UGC NET Paper-1: What is Hypothesis?

Hypotheses are nothing unusual; we make them all the time. If something happens in our everyday life, we tend to suggest a reason for...

UGC NET Paper-1: How to Review the Literature

Research Aptitude If you do not have a specific research problem, you should review the literature in your broad area of interest with the aim...

UGC NET Paper-1: Ethical issues to consider relating to the Researcher

Research Aptitude Avoiding bias Bias on the part of the researcher is unethical. Bias is different from subjectivity. Subjectivity is related to your educational background, training...

UGC NET Paper-1: Ethical issues to consider concerning Research Participants

Research Ethics There are many ethical issues to consider in relation to the participants of a research activity. Collecting information  One could ask: why should a respondent...