UGC NET Paper-1 : Types of Memory

Types of Memory
ugc net paper-1 Module ICT

Let us take the example of a kitchen to understand the meaning of RAM and ROM. If you are a cook, what would you keep on the kitchen counter? And what would you store away in the kitchen shelves? Well, all the things you need immediately and regularly will be on the counter. And things that you do not access often will be on the shelves. Random Access Memory (RAM) is like the kitchen counter to a computer that is switched on, and Read Only Memory (ROM) is like the storage shelf. Flash memory is usually an external device which is a mix of both RAM and ROM. Some key differences between various storage devices are given in table below:


RAM ROM Flash Memory
When you are doing tasks on your computer, you use RAM Permanently stores information Can permanently store information
  • Temporarily stores information
  • Information is lost when computer is switched off
  • Information can be changed easily
  • Information is stored when computer is off
  • Information cannot be changed easily 
  • It is mainly used when starting the computer.
  • Information is not lost when computer is switched off
  • Information can be changed easily.
  • It is mainly used in removable storage devices (like USB), and its usage is based on the user’s needs.



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